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Written by on May 21, 2021

Conversations With… hosted by Lauren Morrison, founder of Mi-bambino London, Fashion File and Brand Consultant, Honesty and transparency is a true reflection of who I am as an individual. Travelling enables me to draw inspiration and new ideas, which I use to formulate my life path and reflect this into my business endeavours.


The fashion segment aims to inspire others through their aspirations and journey, providing insight and knowledge. Fashion File collaborating with Northbound radio seeks to represent the cultural diversity in London and broadcast to the UK and worldwide.


Fashion file provides BITESIZE VERSIONS of fashion trends that allow you to keep yourself one step ahead of the curve… for Fashion Design & Trend Forecasting.
“Track what’s new – and what’s next”…


The idea of creating an AFFORDABLE trend forecasting site called FASHION FILE is to help up, and coming designers and established brands understand the importance of staying ahead of fashion trends and the current macro and microenvironment.


As we live in a continuously changing world, we want to help brands stay ahead of the curve of what’s new and what’s next.


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